Reporting of Accidental and Unintended Medical Exposures

Accidental and Unintended Exposures

HERCA issues a Position Paper on "Accidental and Unintended Medical Exposures" which addresses the related requirements of the Euratom BSS directive. ...

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NORM & Building Materials | Common understanding of Euratom BSS directive requirements

NORM & Building Materials

HERCA, with the support of CSN, ASN, and NRPA, organised a Workshop on NORM and Building Materials on 24-26 May 2016 in Bergen (Norway). HERCA issues a "Common understanding of the BSS ...

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Starting 1 Jan. 2018, Karla Petrova is Chair of HERCA

At the last HERCA Board meeting in Warsaw, the members of HERCA Board elected Mrs Karla Petrová as next Chair of HERCA starting 1 January 2018. She will replace Mr Sigurður M. Magnusson...

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Optimised use of CT Scanners: last HERCA Multi-stakeholder meeting

Optimised use of CT Scanners

On the 6th of March 2017, HERCA organized in Vienna a third and last multi-stakeholder meeting on the optimised use of CT Scanners. The objective was to promote the collaboration betwee...

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