The management structure of HERCA consists of:

  • A Board. (Board of HERCA (BoH), that meets in a plenary session twice a year. The Board is presided by a Chair, or a Vice-Chair in the HERCA Chairs absence. The members of the Board are expected to be Heads of their organizations or, if that is not possible, senior managers, authorised to take decisions on behalf of the Radiation Protection Authority, and to attend the Board meetings regularly.
  • Working groups (WG) and Task Forces (TF) established by the Board to address issues of common interest.
  • A Technical Secretariat supporting the Board and the HERCA Chair, ensuring overall coordination and facilitation of all activities of HERCA.


  • Karla PETROVÁ, SUJB (Czech Republic), since 2018
  • Sigurdur MAGNUSSON, IRSA (Iceland), 2012 - 2017
  • Ole HARBITZ, NRPA (Norway), 2008 – 2011
  • André-Claude LACOSTE, ASN (France), 2007-2008


  • Maria Fernanda SÁNCHEZ OJANGUREN, CSN (Spain), since 2018
  • Mette ØHLENSCHLAEGER, SIS (Denmark), since 2018