On the occasion of the first Meeting of the Heads of European Radiation Control Authorities (HERCA), which took place in Paris on May 29th, 2007, it was decided to create a Working Group (WG) to investigate on the practical implementation of the Directive 90/641/Euratom within the Member States (MS) and on how a better harmonisation of the radiation protection systems for outside workers amongst the MS could be achieved.

In 2008, a survey carried out by HERCA identified good practices, commonalities and variations of the radiation monitoring systems for outside workers within EU. Based on these results, a first version of radiation passbook model was established. This harmonised model included a distinction between minimum requirements or mandatory fields (based on annex I of the European Directive but including guidance on what is meant by the wording of the Directive) and optional requirements leaving some data optional to allow Member States some flexibility.

HERCA made a first Report on the progress to draft a European Radiation passbook for outside Workers to meet the requirements of the Council Directive 90/641 Euratom containing the Radiation passbook model (version 0) which was sent to:

  1. the European Commission proposing to include the data mentioned in section IV into the last version of the BSS recast. The radiation passbook has been included in annex 10 and articles 67 and 76 of the draft of the new BSS (version 29/09/2011).
  2. to all European national competent authorities and stakeholders in order to invite them to express their comments on the implementation of the radiation passbook at national level. Comments from stakeholders have been integrated in a second draft of the Radiation passbook model (version 1, May 2012).

To account some other comments received during the Competent Authorities/stakeholders consultation, it was agreed in June 2011 that HERCA should develop a guidance document to advice Member States on the implementation and practical use of the radiation passbook.

This guidance document has been issued in 2012 and refers to the draft Euratom BSS Directive. Therefore, it will be updated as soon as the BSS Directive is published.

To ensure coherence with this Guidance as well as with the last draft of the new BSS, some adaptations were required into the radiation passbook model. Therefore the Guidance document as well as a related third version of Radiation passbook model (version 2) were released in Oct. 2012.

The Radiation Passbook model represents a milestone for the work of the association in its aim to develop a common approach to radiation safety and regulation in particular within the European Union. Such harmonisation might also be useful for non-EU European or worldwide “neighbouring” countries.

Under this framework, HERCA has sent the Radiation Passbook to relevant international organisations, such as the IAEA (International atomic Energy Agency) or the NEA (OCDE Nuclear Energy Agency), in order to avoid duplication of their work in related initiative and coordinate efforts whenever possible.

In the first instance the Radiation Passbook would be a paper based system. However, countries could opt to use an electronic (possibly web-based) system.

Therefore, in December 2010, HERCA approved a new mandate for the WG to carry out a feasibility study for the transition to an electronic information exchange between countries for the radiological protection of workers.

As a result of these activities, the transition to an electronic data exchange could find funding from the European Commission in 2014 and should be based on the work carried out by HERCA. In May 2015, HERCA has sent to the European Commission the document "Requirements for a European electronic system for exchanging data on radiological monitoring of workers”. The document could be the basis for a call for tender for such project.

HERCA major documents on Outside Workers & Dose Passbook

2010, June 30th - Report on the progress to draft a European Radiation Passbook for Outside Workers to meet the requirements of Council Directive 90/641 Euratom: Section IV of this report was endorsed by HERCA on June 30th, 2010.

2012, October 31th - Guidance document: A guidance document on the implementation and practical use of the radiation passbook has been approved on 31 October 2012 (H10-9.d.2).

Radiation Passbook (version 2): To ensure coherence with the Guidance document and with the present Draft of the new BSS, the Radiation passbook model has been updated. Some other adaptations are accounting some constructive suggestions. In any case, these do not add any additional obligatory field.

Other documents related to the activities of HERCA WG European Radiation Passbook & Outside workers

2012, May.- Ongoing efforts of HERCA on the Harmonisation of the Radiological Monitoring Systems for Outside Workers. Presented as oral presentation during IRPA13, Glasgow, May 2013.

2012, June.- Presentation during the 2012 ISOE European Symposium, Prague (Czech Republic), 20-22 June 2012