Date of publication Title / Document News
14-11-2018Research & Industrial Sources & Practices - Justification and Use of Hand-held X-Ray EquipmentRead more
7-6-2018Emergency Preparedness & Response | Sharing Actively Information among Competent Authorities in case of Abnormal ObservationsRead more
20-11-2017Medical Applications | Justification of New Types or Classes of Practices In the Medical FieldRead more
15-6-2017Medical Applications | Position paper on Accidental and Unintended Medical Exposures Read more
1-6-2017NORM & Building Materials | Workshop conclusions and Common understanding of Euratom BSS directive requirementsRead more
19-5-2016Radon | Common Understanding of the Euratom BSS Requirements and RecommendationsRead more
8-2-2016Medical Applications | Addedum to HERCA position paper on CT dose optimisationRead more
1-12-2015Emergency Preparedness & Response | Common understanding of Emergency WorkersRead more
22-10-2014Emergency Preparedness & Response | HERCA-WENRA European Approach for cross-border Emergency PreparednessRead more
22-10-2014Transposition Council directive 2013/59 | HERCA Action Plan in relation to the transposition and implementation of Council Directive 2013/59/EuratomRead more
22-10-2014Medical Applications | HERCA Position Paper and Addendum on Justification of Individual Medical Exposures for DiagnosisRead more
22-10-2014Medical Applications | HERCA Position Paper on the process of CT dose optimisation through education and training and role of CT ManufacturersRead more
12-6-2014Emergency Preparednes & Response | HERCA Approach for a better cross-border coordination of protective actions during the response in the early phase of a nuclear accident; development and practical testingRead more
12-6-2014Medical Applications | Position Statement on use of handheld portable dental x-ray equipmentRead more
27-11-2013E&T/ RPE-RPO | Conclusions & Recommendations by the HERCA Task force on Education &Training in Radiation Protection (TF E&T-RP)Read more
27-11-2013Veterinary Applications | Main results Questionnaire ‘National regulatory requirements with regard to veterinary applicationsRead more
27-6-2013Emergency Preparedness & Response | Practical proposals for further harmonisation of the reactions in European countries to any distant nuclear or radiological emergencyRead more
27-6-2013Medical Applications | Survey about the situation in Europe regarding the use of CT[1] on asymptomatic individuals outside screening programsRead more
30-10-2012Medical Applications | Proposal for harmonization of DAP unitsRead more
31-5-2012Medical Applications | “Position Paper on Screening” in the framework of the exposure of asymptomatic individuals in healthcareRead more
30-12-2011Medical Applications | Patient release cardRead more
13-5-2011COCIR CT Manufacturers Voluntary Commitment Regarding CT DoseRead more
20-4-2011Emergency Preparedness & Response | Statement on the Fukushima accidentRead more
1-12-2010Statement on the justification of Full body-scanners using X-rays for security purposesRead more