The Heads of the European Radiation protection Competent Authorities (HERCA) have organised on 6-8 July 2015, a workshop kindly hosted by the French nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in its premises in Montrouge (France) on the implementation of Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) and Radiation Protection Officer (RPO).

This workshop is part of the HERCA Action Plan in relation with the transposition and implementation of the Directive 2013/59/Euratom (Euratom BSS). It has been organised by the HERCA Task Force on Education & Training in Radiation Protection on behalf of HERCA in collaboration with the Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS), the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) and the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN).

The objectives of this workshop were:

  • to explore a common understanding of the new requirements on RPE/RPO;
  • to exchange national approaches relating to the implementation of the BSS on RPE/RPO. Whenever possible, to identify good practices with national implementation of RPE/RPO;
  • to develop recommendations, to be approved by HERCA, to facilitate implementation of BSS on RPE and RPO. To be sent to national authorities;
  • to comment on the draft guidance from ENETRAP III;
  • to develop a joint vision on future ambitions of HERCA on RPE/RPO : duties, harmonisation (registration, other).

This workshop has provided a platform of exchange for having a common understanding on the new requirements for RPE/RPO and then facilitating the implementation of BSS on RPE and RPO at national level and the way towards a better harmonisation on this issue.

Experts from 17 European regulatory countries participating in HERCA plus experts from international organisations such as EC, IAEA, and IRPA participated in this workshop. The event has also been the occasion to exchange with members of the ENETRAP Network (European Network on Education and Training in RAdiological Protection) with a view to coordinate efforts.

This workshop has allowed to propose some common understanding on specific issues of the BSS requirements and specific recommendations for those cases where flexibility is allowed for transposition. In particular it has allowed to identify that radiation protection authorities share in general terms a common understanding of the relevant requirements on RPE/RPO in the new Euratom BSS. The presentations on the different national approaches have shown that if existing regulations need to be updated, there are not serious issues in the participating countries as regards the transposition activities in this field.



Detailled information on the workshop: Workshop booklet


Opening Session

Introduction to the Workshop - Objectives - Ton Vermeulen

First comments from EC - Stefan Mundigl

Current activities by International Organisations on RPE/RPO

Session I

Exchange on national approaches relating to the implementation of the Euratom BSS on RPE/RPO

Belgium - Annie van der Linck

Qualification in radioprotection in Belgium in view of the new BSS-Directive (2013/59/ Euratom)

Finland - Ritva Havukainen

The Finnish approaches relating to the implementation of the BSS on RPE/RPO

France - Jean-Luc Godet

Approaches Relating to the Implementation of the BSS on RPE/RPO in France

Germany - Julian Vogel

RP qualification and functions in a changing European landscape: Education & Training in Germany vis-à-vis the transposition of the new EURATOM BSS

Greece - Vasiliki Kamenopoulou

RPE-RPO: thoughts and initiatives for the transposition of the 2013/59/EURATOM Directive 

Hungary - Katalin Lumniczky

Approaches Relating to the Implementation of the BSS on RPE/RPO in Hungary.

Spain - Dolores Rueda

Practical implementation of the concepts of RPE, RPO in Spanish Regulations

Sweden - Richard Holzwarth

The Swedish implementation of Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM of 5 December 2013 regarding Radiation protection expert (RPE), Radiation protection officer (RPO) and some other related articles

The Netherlands - Barbara Godthelp

Redefining the position of the Dutch supervising expert in light of the implementation of the basic safety standards in the Netherlands

Switzerland - Jahn Swen-Gunnar

Regular Requirements on Education and Training for Radiation Protection in Switzerland: Comparison with Definitions of RPE and RPO in EU BSS

United Kingdom - Joanne Stewart

RPE and RPO in the UK

Session Report 1 - Session I Report

Session II

Recommendations to facilitate implementation of BSS on RPE and RPO

Session II.a | Introduction - Barbara Godthelp


Session II.c | Reporting by the Working Groups (Plenary) - Rapporteurs

Reporting by the WGs on session II 

Session III

ENETRAP III activities related to RPE/RPO

Session III.a | Introduction (Plenary)

Overview on ENETRAP projects - Michèle Coeck

Session III.b | Discussion about ENETRAP guidance with HERCA member states

Questions obtained from HERCA members on the ENETRAP guidance draft requirements related to RPE/RPO - All 

Session IV

Conclusions and Recommendations

Discussion after short presentation on HERCA findings (TF E&T) and future ambitions of HERCA on RPE/RPO: duties, harmonisation (recognition, other) - Ton Vermeulen

HERCA Draft Recommendations “Is there any place for HERCA recommendations on the transposition and implementation of RPE/RPO requirements ?” - Jean Luc Godet and Ton Vermeulen