Participating Authorities 

& Organisations

56 Authorities

from 32 European countries (incl. the 28 EU MS)

The members of HERCA are the European Radiation Protection Authorities (RPA) represented by the Heads of the authorities



National Contact Point: EHOLD Verena (Unit Head)

BMNT (Federal Ministry for Substainability and Tourism)  

Other Participating Authority:

BMASK (Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection) 



National Contact Point: HARDEMAN Frank (Director-General)

FANC (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control)

Other Participating Organisation:

BEL V (Subsidiary of the FANC)



National Contact Point: ALEXIEV Alexey (Deputy Chairman)

NRA (Nuclear Regulatory Agency)

Other Participating Authority:

NCRRP (National Center for Radiobiology and Radiation Protection)



National Contact Point: MEDAKOVIC Saša (Director-General)

SORNS (State Office for Radiological and Nuclear Safety)



National Contact Point: YIANNAKI Anastassios (Director of the Depertment of Labour Inspection)

MLSI - DLI - RICS (Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance - Department of Labour Inspection - Radiation Inspections and Control Service)


Czech Republic     

National Contact Point: PETROVÁ Karla (Deputy Chairman for radiation protection)

SUJB (State Office for Nuclear Safety)



National Contact Point: ØHLENSCHLAEGER Mette (Director)

SIS (National Institute for Radiological Protection)



National Contact Point: PUSKAR Ilmar (Head of Radiation Safety Department)

KESKKONNAAMET (Environmental Board)



National Contact Point: TOIVONEN Tommi (Director, Radiation Practices Regulation)

STUK (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority)



National Contact Point: LACHAUME Jean-Luc (Commissioner)

ASN (French Nuclear Safety Authority)

Other Participating Organisation:

IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire)



National Contact Point: GREIPL Christian (Head of Directorate Radiological Protection)

BMU (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety)

Other Participating Authority:

BfS (Federal Office for Radiation Protection)



National Contact Point: HOUSIADAS Christos (President)

EEAE (Greek Atomic Energy Commission )



National Contact Point: SÂFRÂNY Geza (Director)

NRIRR (Frédéric Joliot-Curie National Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene)

Other Participating Authority:

HAEA (Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority) 



National Contact Point: MAGNUSSON Sigurður M. (Director)

GR (Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority)



National Contact Point: LEHANE Michéal (Director)

EPA/ORP (Environmental Protection Agency/Office of Radiological Protection)

Other Participating Authority:

HIQA (Health Information and Quality Authority)



National Contact Point: BOLOGNA Luciano (Head Radiation Protection Regulations section)

ISPRA (The Institute for Environmental Protection and Research)



National Contact Point: ŠATROVSKA Dace (Director)

RSC (Radiation Safety Centre of State Environmental Service of Latvia)



National Contact Point: STASIUNAITIENE Ramuné (Acting Director)

RSC (Radiation Protection Centre)



National Contact Point: MAJERUS Patrick (Head of Division Radiation Protection)

MS (Ministry of Health of Luxembourg)



National Contact Point: BREJZA Paul (Executive Chairperson, Radiation Protection Board)

OHSA (Occupational Health & Safety Authority)



National Contact Point: HARBITZ Ole (Director General)

DSA (Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority)



National Contact Point: Ewa PALUCH (Vice-President)

PAA (National Atomic Energy Agency)

Other Participating Organisation:

COI (Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology, Warsaw)



National Contact Point: ROBALO José (Commissioner)

COMRSIN (Comissao Reguladora para e Segurança das Instalacoes Nucleares)

Other Participating Organisation:

APA (Portuguese Environnment Agency)



National Contact Point: TRAICU Rodin (President)

CNCAN (National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control)



National contact Point: VELINOV Slajan (Director)

SRPNA (Serbian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency)



National Contact Point: JURINA Vladimir (Deputy Director for Radiation Protection)

PHA (Public Health Authority of Slovakia)

Other Participating Authority:

RPHA (Regional Public Health Authority)



National Contact Point: ŠKRK PhD Damijan (Director)

SRPA (Slovenian Radiation Protection Administration)

Other Participating Authority:

SNSA (Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration ) 



National Contact Point: VELASCO GARCIA Rosario (Commissioner)

CSN (Spanish Nuclear Safety Council)



National Contact Point: HASSEL Fredrik (Deputy Director General)

SSM (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority)



National Contact Point: BAECHLER Sébastien (Head of Radiation Protection Division)

FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health)

Other Participating Authorities:

ENSI (Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate)

NEOC (National Emergency Operations Centre )

SUVA (Swiss Accident Insurance Fund)


The Netherlands

National Contact Point: VAN DEN HEUVEL Jan (Director-General)

ANVS (Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection) 

Other Participating Authorities:

MINSZW (Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment)

NDRIS (National Dose Registration and Information System )

RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment)


United Kingtom

National Contact Point: GOLSHAM Mina George (Head of Specialism for Radiological Protection)

ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation)

Other Participating Authorities:

BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) 

DH (Department of Health)

EA (Environment Agency)

HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

PHE (Public Health England)

CQC (Care Quality Commission) 



EC (European Commission)

IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)

FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

WHO (World Health Organization)

OECD/NEA (OECD Nuclear Energy Agency)