Country Fact Sheets about National Emergency Preparedness and Response

Emergencies: Country Fact Sheets

HERCA publishes Country Fact Sheets for sharing information about the national EPR arrangements and nuclear facilities’ design features....

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Justification and Use of Hand-held X-Ray Equipment

Users of Hand-held X-Ray Equipment can received insufficient information about the radiation hazards induced by these devices. HERCA issues this statement for raising awareness about th...

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22nd HERCA Board meeting (30-31 October 2018, Paris)

Fall HERCA Board meeting

HERCA Board met in Paris on 30-31 October 2018. Several documents were approved such as the HERCA Statement on hand-held X-ray equipment and country fact sheets on national frameworks i...

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Veterinary Off-site X-ray examinations: Protecting professionals and the public

Veterinary Off-site X-ray Exams

HERCA publishes a leaflet for describing the regulatory requirements and giving useful practical advice about radiation protection in an off-site setting to veterinary professionals and...

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