Clinical Audit in medical radiological practices

HERCA publishes a paper on Clinical Audit in medical radiological practices in order to help the radiological community on how regulatory requirements for clinical audit should be met ...

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Getting the right image for my patient

HERCA Awareness Campaign

HERCA launches a European communication campaign to promote the appropriate use of medical imaging. ...

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Autumn 2019 - 24th Board Meeting (Rome, Italy)

HERCA Board met on 30-31 October 2019 in Rome, Italy. Several subjects were discussed such as the preparation of HERCA strategy or the work done by the 6 WG, especially the launch of th...

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Spring Board Meeting (Liverpool, UK)

23rd Board Meeting (Liverpool, UK)

HERCA Board met on 15-16 May 2019 in Liverpool in UK. Several documents related to the implementation of the HERCA-WENRA Approach, the development of the awareness campaign on justifica...

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